Updates for March 2001

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Hey hey! :) Today I updated the BSB and Alanis news, and I put up a new quote as well as a new website of the week! :) Catch ya later!!!


Updated today: The Backstreet Boys, AND Alanis Morissette Discography! :) That's all 4 2day, but hey, it's NOT a Saturday, there's a 1st eh?! :)


New Website of the week! :) Page landmarks!!!!! :) - Eddie Mills Picture Gallery @ 7000, Jaime Pressly Picture Gallery @ 84000, Jason Behr Picture Gallery @ 65000 & 66000, AND Alanis Morissette Lyrics (MTV Unplugged etc.) @ 1000 !


I put up three new picture of Eddie Mills on Push A Little Harder today, as well as updated the Push news! :)


New website of the week today. For some reason Tripod has closed my account, so this update will be up much later than the rest and I will have to upload my whole site again. Feel free to send them hate mail! *jk*


I corrected the lyrics to Still today (on Thank U Alanis Morissette). That's about it... I'm continuing to make updates on the site while it's unoperational... I'm not sure exactly what will happen with Tripod, who is refusing to reply to e-mails, but wherever this site ends up, I will keep it running!


Well the whole Tripod/Account thing was all just a misunderstanding, so it's all good! :) Anyways new website of the week today......... Also I put up an updates page for April, which led to updates on site map and fonts pages! :) That's it!


I put a counter on the April updates page, that's all for today, I'm running out of thing to do (that I have time for! *L*)


Just a new website of the week today, there will be more updates soon, I swear! :)


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